Sometimes you see something on the road that makes you look twice.

It might be that rare car you forgot even existed because it was only bought by people who wear plaid shirts and speak in a funny accent. Or the supercar you lust after. Or the outrageous acid green hatch with a giant wing that's trying too hard, the blingmobile with a stereo system that's so loud you wonder if it's actually a jukebox on wheels and you can change the song by tossing a coin through the open side window...

Or it might be something a bit bonkers. Enter this Smart Magoo ForTwo.

Because enhancing visibility with xenon lamps is so passé. And, you know, glasses make your Smart look smart.


Who's behind this? The car is owned by the fashion and eyewear company founded by Lapo Elkann, well known for his extravagant customized cars, like the camo Ferrari 458 Italia or the pied de poule Fiat 500 Abarth. But as this Smart demonstrates, he also knows not to take life too seriously.

And for that, Lapo, I salute you.